Annual Prizewinners for 2017-18

At the January meeting we presented our annual awards for work exhibited during the previous year. This year’s prizewinners were Joanna MacMahon (President’s Prize), Vilma Patterson (Thelma Goldring award for a traditional technique interpreted in a contemporary way) and Margaret McCrory (Theme prize ‘On the Surface’). All three award winning pieces were hand stitch.

Joanna MacMahon ‘Clean air of Donegal’ On a headland on Cruit Island where the air is so clean the lichens grow like moss on the rocks. Layers of dyed fabrics, stitched simply and over stitched with Lichen shapes.

Vilma Patterson ‘Just a Beginning’ A year of stitches created in 2017 (detail above)

Margaret McCrory ‘Generation’ This triple portrait of my mother, me and my daughter shows the generation relationship ‘on the surface’. What is ‘underneath the surface’ in family relationships is much more important. I have left the piece unfinished. Perhaps for a 4th generation? The quotations give other insights to the generation link. The stitching pattern for the portraits was produced from photographs using a photo manipulation programme on Photoshop. Hand stitched using black single stranded silk thread. The seed stitch, appropriate for the subject of generation, uses a mixture of silk and cotton thread.. The fabric is from a bolt of linen woven when my Grandfather worked in a linen mill in Co. Tyrone.

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