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Winter / stay home / till we meet again project

We are asking all members of the NI Embroidery Guild to produce a piece of embroidery work based on the theme Embellish, Adorn and Decorate.

This can be anything – a bag, box, book, wall-hanging, framed picture, table runner, hat, scarf, brooch – made from scratch or an existing one decorated and embellished. The only limitation, as ever, is your imagination.

We hope that this project can form the basis of our eventual return to large meetings and Guild events next year. We are thinking of a Show and Tell on our first day back to celebrate meeting together again, a virtual or real exhibition and maybe some in-house workshops. With this in mind it would be fantastic if you took photographs to show your work in progress that you could share in the magazine or on the Guild Facebook page or website.

Guild members will have received an email from Colette with details of the project and images for inspiration on 1st Nov, it might be a good idea to print that document out or save it so you can refer to it. If you can’t find it contact Colette and she will resend it to you.

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