President’s Challenge – exhibition of work June 2018

At the start of the 2017-18 year Avril Halliday, the Guild President, had made up “President’s Challenge’ packs – the challenge was that on receiving a pack you had to use whatever was in the bag – you could add to the material you were given but you had to use everything that was in the pack. The two pictures above were made by Avril – and incorporated bunny shaped decorative buttons. The work produced for the challenge was diverse – some obviously had taken weeks of work, others might have been more last minute – but the standard of craftsmanship and creativity was impressive as ever. All the entries were laid out on tables with a description of what had been in the original pack and following voting a winner was announced – Ollie Smeltzer – with her depiction of Holywood – complete with Maypole (using threads that had been in her pack) and button embellishments (also from her starting pack).

Ollie Smeltzer – winner of the President’s Challenge

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