Game of Thrones Tapestry – Valerie Wilson

Valerie Wilson, textile curator at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, spoke to us about the Museum’s part in a collaboration to produce an enormous tapestry, 77 metres long (so far), depicting the storyline from the Game of Thrones. Members of the Embroidery Guild had helped embroider details onto the tapestry in July 2017 so it was especially interesting for those of us who had been involved to hear the story behind the design, weaving and logistics of such a mammoth project with such a tight time-frame.

Everone was sworn to secrecy as we were embroidering details the week before the show aired, though as most of us had never seen Games of Thrones, we would have struggled to explain what we were embroidering anyway! I have included a link below to a brief video clip about the making of the tapestry, and I can spot a number of our guild members heads down embroidering details on it.


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