Lisburn Textile Exhibitions – Autumn 2018

Images from the ‘Lost in Linen exhibition’ at the Island Arts Centre. This features work by a wide range of artists, designers and makers, including Heather Richardon (one of our guild members) who made ‘A dress for Kathleen’. Other highlights for me were Heather Burgess ‘Shoes and Collars’ collection, the display of damask proof cloths woven by the Master Weaver, John McAtasney, who died earlier this year and a collection of hand woven towels by Tim Parry-Williams.

Next stop was at the Lisburn Linen Museum to see Shuttles and Shafts – a really fascinating exhibition showcasing the William Liddell Collection of glass plates used in Jacquard Damask weaving and new work by Trish Belford (print) and Barbara Dass (weave) responding to the collection using contemporary techniques but inspired by the past.

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