President’s challenge – countdown!!!

Remember that day so long ago when we got our packs for the President’s Challenge? A mystery bag with the challenge to use ALL the contents in any way you wished. The reckoning date is the June meeting – so bring your completed challenge this Saturday, 16th June.

I’m sure most of you had it ready in December or February or at least a few weeks ago but I have to confess mine is still safely in its bag – although I have taken it out and looked at it a good few times and it is now sitting on the kitchen table. I will do something – just a pity that there isn’t a special cateogory for ‘last minute panic’!

Also the degree shows are on this week at the Belfast School of Art. The winner of the Lilla Speir award for Embroidered Textile Art is Sarah Cathers. Look out for her work in the Textile Studio.



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