Programme of Lectures and Workshops 2014-2015

Meetings will be at The Parochial Hall, Cultra, unless specified otherwise and workshops in the Lagan Room. 
Coffee is served from 10.30 and the talk is from 11.00 - 12.30

Sat 20th Sep: Mini Demonstrations

Sat 18th Oct: Amanda Hislop ~ Land Lines: drawn lines; stitch lines
Sat 18th w/s Layers in land & seascape
Sun 19th w/s Changing the surface

Sat 15th Nov: Carolyn MacDougal ~ Port & Docks of Belfast
Sat 15th w/s Port & Docks hand-stitching

Sat 13th Dec: Christmas Meeting ~ Ballygilbert

Sat 17th Jan: Deborah Toner ~ Architectural Embroidery                               

Sat 21st Feb: Anushiya Sundaralingham ~ Re Root
Sat 21st w/s Demos of different printing techniques

Sun 22nd w/s Dry point printing                               

Sat 21st Mar: Angie Hughes ~ A Stitch in Time
Sat 21st w/s Bedazzling Bowls (Slemish Room)

Sun 22nd w/s Exploring Velvet                               

Sat 25th April: Michelle Stephens ~ Own Work (Ballygilbert)                              

Sat 16th May: Hilary Hollingworth ~ Darn It
Sat 16th w/s Significant Cloth

Sun 17th w/s Darn It                               

Sat 20th June: Annual General Meeting

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