Programme of Lectures and Workshops 2015-2016

Meetings will be at The Parochial Hall, Cultra, unless specified otherwise and workshops in the Lagan Room. 
Coffee is served from 10.30 and the talk is from 11.00 - 12.30

Sat 19th Sep: Mini Demonstrations

Sat 17th Oct: Sian Martin ~ Stitching in the Air (Ballygilbert)
Sat 17th w/s Remove and Replace - Shaped Vessels (Ballygilbert)
Sun 18th w/s Assemblage (Lagan Room)

Sat 21st Nov: Emma Whitehead ~ Recycling in 3-d Embroidery (Ballygilbert)
Sat 21st w/s Time Bugs (Ballygilbert)
Sun 22nd w/s Stitched Map Butterflies (Lagan Room)

Sat 12th Dec: Christmas Meeting ~ Ballygilbert

Sat 16th Jan: Aisling Smyth
Sat 16th w/s (Lagan Room)                   

Sat 20th Feb: Lauren Scott ~ Curious Creatures
Sat 20th w/s
Velvet Bumble Bees (Lagan Room)
Sun 21st w/s
Blue-tit Sculpture (Lagan Room)                                

Sat 19th Mar: Alison King ~ Landscape in Triplicate
Sat 19th w/s
Leaf Lines (Lagan Room)
Sun 20th w/s 
Woodland and Rivers (Lagan Room)                 

Sat 9th April: Lyndsey McDougall ~ Mountainous Embroideries (Ballygilbert)
Sat 9th w/s  Botanical Embroideries  (Ballygilbert)                

Sat 21st May: Carol Naylor ~ Crossing Boundaries (Ballygilbert)
Sat 21st
Little Jewels (Ballygilbert)
Sun 22nd
The Land we know (Lagan Room)  (blog)                        

Sat 18th June: Annual General Meeting

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