Mini demos – September 2018

Couching, Trapunto, Needleweaving and Tassels – techniques for the Christmas ‘Label’ competition.

Following the meeting on Sept 15th I said I would post images of the mini demos as the Christmas competition is to design a ‘label’ using one (or more) of the techniques that were demonstrated at the meeting. The mini demos covered 4 techniques:

  1. Vicky Tolson demonstrated ‘Couching’
  2. Anne Hardcastle demonstrated ‘Trapunto’
  3. Joan Taylor demonstrated ‘Needleweaving’
  4. Joanna MacMahon had prepared ‘Tassels’ (which I demonstrated in her absence)

I hope the images below will act as a reminder of the techniques for those who were there and a starting point for those who missed the demos.





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